Birmingham Salon

The Rise of the New Traditionalism

Thursday 8th June 7.30 pm
at The Victoria, John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN

Continuing our series of Salons based on topic proposals from Salon regulars, Vincent Gould will introduce a discussion on the rise of the new traditionalism.
According to several conservative commentators, populism is the new punk, and young people are turning to the right in droves. This idea has been ridiculed by the mainstream media, but a national exit poll reveals that the number of young people who voted for Trump is higher than first thought, so perhaps the idea is not as strange as it seems.
How has the right managed to utilise the new media in such as effective and unexpected way?  Conservatism has been packaged online in a way that teenagers respond to.  They have even had their own pop star in the shape of Milo Yiannopolous. 
What should we make of this phenomenon and where is it heading?
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Vince Gould. Actor, satirist and musician, Vincent has lectured at Birmingham City University and been involved in many creative projects including film, music and theatre. Vince blogs at Tales from the Rear View Mirror
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